Tyrone Webb Jr.

Tyrone Webb Jr. 

Photographer. Empowerment Coach. Manifester of Life. 



Starting my own business was scary; I was worried that I'd fail and imagining every bad scenario possible. A single conversation with Tyrone changed my entire perspective and, instead of considering my weaknesses, I began focusing on my strengths.


It's a conversation that I carry with me everyday through every trial and triumph of being an entrepreneur. Tyrone helped me to recognize my power. - Sharon Elise


Hello, I’m Tyrone and I love the water. Maybe it’s my Pisces nature or how the water reminds me that there are no limits in life. Anyways, I’m an inner-city Newark, NJ kid who loves photography, traveling and manifesting. I’m obsessed with learning, growing and discovering new things about the universe.

Welcome to my world.


"Everybody has a calling. And your real job in life
is to figure out as soon as possible what that is,
who you were meant to be, and to begin to honor that
in the best way possible for yourself."
- Oprah


      Empowerment Coach

I have a purpose in helping others achieve success in life. Let me help you get there. Either you are fresh out of college or looking for that perfect job, I can assist. My skills range from interviewing preparation to negotiating the salary of your dreams. 


Let me tell your story through my camera lens. I am not your average photographer. I want to capture the real you in a new, authentic and creative way.


Here you can find written pieces for career and spiritual growth, affirmations, book recommendations and reviews, my favorite eats, travel recommendations and so much more. 


“It’s okay to be discouraged.

It’s not okay to quit.” - Ryan Holiday


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