About Me

I am Tyrone Webb Jr.  

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I am an expert at empowering and motivating others. My obsession is connecting people with people aka networking! I get a secret pleasure out of networking and connecting people to help everyone achieve what they love. 

I believe life is long and we can manifest any and everything we desire. I’m from the biggest city in New Jersey, which is Newark, but currently living in Georgia. Georgia where I developed the master Jedi skills of manifestation, traveling and photography. I’m even more obsessed with learning, growing and discovering new things about the universe. 

More About me

One of my daily pleasures out of life is working in corporate America. Here, I am able to be challenged by an enormous amount of diverse people. Working for SAP fulfills me by satisfying my hunger to learn more. I thrive in environments that are new and challenging and SAP does that well. 

My biggest pleasure, in life, is to exercise my freedom. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t spend time in nature. Being outside re-balances my day from high-energy to pure calmness. 

In 2013, I decided to take the red pill, from the matrix, to see how far the rabbit hole goes. During this journey, I lost friends, family members, lovers, habits, obsessions and gained new friends, family members, lovers, habits and obsessions. 


Fun Facts

Random Thoughts and Truths about Tyrone Webb Jr.

1. I am ready for my hair to go all gray. I am 60% there.
2. 8 hours of sleep + naps are vital.
3. I'm not changing my last name when I get married; I love ‘Jr’ way too much.
4. Grey’s Anatomy will always be my favorite show.
5. Erykah Badu is my spirit mum.
6. I have a severe nut allergy.
7. Terrified of spiders.
8. I am awesome.
9. I am love and love is me.
10. Buddha is bae.