Empowerment Coach

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Scared of getting everything you want?

I’ve all been there. Scared of the possibility of getting everything I ever wanted. Like the old wise saying goes, “Be careful of what you wish for and you just might get it!” Well, I got it and I have to express, it feels good. I am not here to help with just your business, but I want to empower you to take ownership over whatever it is that you want. I want to empower you to own YOUR truth! Own YOUR power! Own YOUR life!  

You are not what the world says you are. I want to help you write that business plan, go after the job you’ve always wanted or quit the job you never wanted. Whatever it is, I am here for you.

I’ve empowered many. Please take a look at some reviews below.

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Starting my own business was scary; I was worried that I’d fail and imagining every bad scenario possible. A single conversation with Tyrone changed my entire perspective and, instead of considering my weaknesses, I began focusing on my strengths. It’s a conversation that I carry with me everyday through every trial and triumph of being an entrepreneur. Tyrone helped me to recognize my power.
— Shanae
Tyrone has been a huge inspiration in my life. He provides space for me to be myself without feeling judged or ashamed. He’s also challenges me to grow in areas that are areas of growth for me. He’s always truthful, even when it isn’t pretty, but that’s what I appreciate most about Tyrone. He offers non-judgement, authentic advice. He’s the person that you HAVE to have in your tribe/circle/network
— John


Empowerment Talks

Topics: Empowerment messages, personal and professional growth, networking, life goals, millennials, LGBTQ, law of attractions and spiritual scripting  

Past Engagements

SAP Offsite meetings (2017)

MAAP panel discussions (2017)

Arketi Group luncheon (2017) 


Brand Strategy

Topics: Social media, marketing, videos, photography, brand awareness, communications, PR


  • Led SAP Analytics social media strategy, content, growth and integrated messaging with campaigns and other communication activities which increased engagement by 520%+, 192%+ clicks and 170%+ followers
  • Created, planned and executed social media strategies and campaigns for board level initiatives, product launches and SAP signature events which helped achieve pipeline creation of $430M+, $140.9M+ in revenue and 4,000 net new line opportunities 
  • Created and executed an executive communications plan for C-level executives which included preparing presentations, talking points, blogs and other executive content for speaking engagements including all hands, town halls, product launches, SAP signature events, conferences, videos and social media 

1:1 Business Consultation

Services: Entrepreneurs, interns, students and college grads


  • Turning interns to full time employees. 
  • Coaching students and college grads on career strategies.
  • Connecting entrepreneurs with their dreams.