Welcome to my world

Welcome to the first blog post for my website. I am excited to share my world with you. 

Coming this far in my life has been a blessing, manifestation and humbling experience. I envisioned this site to build every 1-2 years with new business ventures, stats about me and so much more. This site is for all of you to get to know a deeper part of me. This is where I will be blogging on my opinions, book reviews, clothes, spiritual life and anything else I feel like expressing. It is another avenue to help me become more authentic. 

Anyways, I won't hold you for long. I wanted to be sure you had content to view while visiting my new site. 

By all means, provide feedback on what you think of my site. I welcome all! 

For now, cheerio! 

xoxo...Tyrone :) 



Tyrone Webb Jr